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At Exam Insights Tutoring, we help you achieve outstanding grades by using structured study methods and understanding the mindset of top achievers. We're motivated to see you succeed and prioritise understanding over memorisation.

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Assignment Drafting


High-Quality Feedback

Get comprehensive feedback and guidance through our Assignment Drafting service at Exam Insights Tutoring. Our tutors offer detailed reviews, including spelling, grammar, structure, thematic analysis, and ISMG-specific annotated feedback.


On Time Guarantee

Benefit from a swift 4-day turnaround, with expedited options available for an extra fee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed: receive your work on time, or get a full refund.


Academic Integrity

Entrust your assignment to us for high-quality feedback and guidance, ensuring adherence to ethical and legal standards while upholding academic integrity.



Exceptional Support

Our tutors serve as mentors and support systems, making the journey through Year 11 and 12 smoother for students. With expertise in all levels of QCE maths, they ensure students achieve the marks they need.


Elite Tutoring Team

With 99+ ATARs, outstanding QCE results, and multiple academic awards, our tutors offer unparalleled expertise in the QLD ATAR system, guiding students to success.


Flexible Learning Options

Choose between in-person tutoring in Brisbane and Gold Coast or online sessions for flexible and effective QCE tutoring. Get tailored academic support that fits your preferences and schedule.

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Exam Insights

Michael Vossen

Michael is currently studying Engineering at the University of Queensland. He graduated with an ATAR of 99.90, excelling in Math Methods, Specialists and Engineering. He's had lots of experience tutoring with a large range of ages and abilities, and is really excited to help you or your child reach their highest academic potential.

Exam Insights

Jason Zhong

Jason is a 2023 graduate with a 99.85 ATAR. He was awarded a Certificate of Academic Commendation for an A grade in all 6 subjects and a Subject Achievement Commendation for highest Physics mark in Queensland. Currently, Jason is studying for a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Exam Insights

Xavier Alderson

Xavier graduated with an ATAR of 99.10 in 2023. He has represented the state in academic competitions such as OZCLO and high achieving Economics, Chemistry and Physics student. He is a passionate and experienced tutor, as well as a well-rounded and hard-working student, and is currently an engineering student at the University of Queensland.

Exam Insights

Oscar Harrison

Oscar graduated in 2023 with scores of 96/100 in both English and Literature, as well as 95/100 in Biology, and recieved multiple academic honours during his time in high school. He has experience teaching students of a wide range of backgrounds and ages, valuing any opportunity to help someone excel in their chosen area.

Exam Insights

Josephine Edwards

Josephine (or Josie) graduated in 2023 with an ATAR of 99.05. She was awarded a QCAA Certificate of Academic Commendation for an A grade in all 6 subjects and a Subject Achievement Commendation for the highest English and Literature Extension mark in QLD, 100/100. She achieved 100% in all IA assignments across all 6 subjects. She is passionate about writing and is currently studying part-time at Queensland Theological College.

Exam Insights

Benjamin Cuffe

Ben is a 2023 graduate with a 99.30 ATAR. He is currently studying for a Bachelor of Mathematics/Science at the University of Queensland and achieved high scores in Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods. With a keen interest in science and math, Ben is always eager to share his knowledge and inspire students to reach their utmost potential.

Exam Insights

Bradley Cox

Bradley graduated in 2023 with an ATAR of 99.25. His achievements include scoring 98/100 in Physics, 97/100 in English and 95/100 in Mathematical Methods. Notably, during his final year of schooling, Bradley co-founded Exam Insights, a platform he developed to support the Class of 2023 across Queensland. With a keen interest in STEM, he is eager to help students reach their academic potential.

Exam Insights

Sophie Giles

Sophie is a 2023 Emmanuel College graduate. She is currently studying for her Engineering Honours/Masters at UQ and has a passion for the outdoors and art. She achieved a final ATAR of 99.4 having completed Specialist and Methods Maths, English general, Study of Religion, Chemistry and Physics. She hopes to major in Electrical Engineering and still harbours a love for Chemistry.

Exam Insights

Omar Hossain

Omar graduated from All Saints Anglican School as part of the Class of 2023 with a 99.50 ATAR. He achieved academic honours in all Units and is offering tutoring for Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Physics and Economics. He is looking to study Medicine and is keen to assist QLD ATAR students with achieving the best results possible.

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