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Explore our journey, meet the team behind Exam Insights, and discover the milestones that shaped our growth.

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Exam Insights

Empowering Students & Educators with Streamlined Exam Preparation

Navigating through countless resources for exam preparation can be overwhelming. At Exam Insights, we transform this tedious process and enable the effortless discovery and creation of targeted learning material, saving hours of precious time. At our core, we offer comprehensive QCAA external exam question databases, insights into previous QCAA external exam trends, and tools for creating custom learning material in seconds.

Our Story

With our external exams approaching, we were grappling with the task of sorting through piles of freely available resources for each subject - previous exam papers, syllabi, formula books, glossaries.

A task as simple as searching for specific external exam questions that catered to a particular topic, sub-topic or learning objective was unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming. Even after finding a suitable question, attempting it involved opening multiple documents - the previous exam paper, it's corresponding marking scheme and potentially a stimulus booklet or formula booklet.

It became evident that managing these freely available resources was an unnecessary challenge, leading us to decide to tackle it. After months of work, we developed our first version of Exam Insights. The platform featured three fundamental aspects: a comprehensive question database, insights into previous exam trends, and the seamless creation of custom exams in seconds. Exam Insights aimed to make teaching and studying more accessible, simpler, less time-consuming, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Exam Insights Version 1

Version 1 of Exam Insights (September 2023)

Since, Exam Insights has reached thousands of students and educators across 400+ schools in Queensland. Driven by our mission to provide affordable and accessible educational resources to all, we are continuously innovating and developing new features and resources that we wish we had during our academic journey.

Brad & Jason, Founders

Our Team

Exam Insights was founded in May, 2023 by self-taught software developers Bradley Cox and Jason Zhong, both proud graduates of the Class of 2023, and recipients of the 2023 Australian Teen Entrepreneurs of the Year.

Crafting Exam Insights while navigating their own external exam preparation, Bradley and Jason intimately understand the struggles and challenges faced by QCE students, having achieved ATAR scores of 99.25 and 99.85, respectively.